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Welcome to Paris !

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Welcome to Paris !

[rouge]{}For a weekend in Paris, we can organize your stay : [/rouge]

On Saturday morning at 9:00 am, you can visit a museum like "The Louvre" or the "Grevin museum" (it’s a wax museum). It’s real fun !
At 12:00 pm, if you are hungry , you can have lunch in "les deux magots " in Boulevard Saint Germain.
After lunch, at 2:00, you can visit "Notre Dame de Paris".
During the afternoon, around 4:00 pm, for tea you can visit the "jardin du Luxembourg". It’s a very beautiful square where you can see flowers, kids can play with boats and adults can simply read on the free seat.
At night, you can go on the "Champs Elysées", you will see good shops and you can eat at the Fouquet’s. It’s a really good restaurant. The last french president ( Nicolas Sarkozy ) was eating at this restaurant.
After, you can try the big wheel in Paris and see the "Champs Elysées" from a different point of you
You can sleep at the George V.

For your last day in Paris :
You can see a show of "La Belle et la Bête " in Mogador theater and enjoy the play.
For lunch, you can eat at "Le Plan du Cantal" in Montparnasse. It is a very good restaurant !!
In the afternoon, you can visit the Rennes street, there are lot of very famous shop, like Brendy Melville, Wasted, ...
Then at night, you can eat at Maxim’s. It is the vip restaurant
Have a nice time !!!!!!!


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